Security Service of Ukraine initiates anti-terrorist operation

Security Service of Ukraine and its Counter-terrorism Center decided to unroll in the country an antiterrorist operation.

Appropriate statement of Alexander Yakymenko, head of the Service, has been posted on the official website.

According to the statement, antiterrorist operation was triggered, among other things, by escalation of violence and massive use of weapons by the radical extremists.

“In many regions of the country, local authorities, departments of the Ministry of Interior, the Security Service of Ukraine, Prosecutors Offices, military units, ammunition depots are being captured. Court buildings burn down, vandals destroy private premises, kill civilians,” reads the statement of the SSU head.

In recent days, militant groups acquired more than 1,500 firearms and 100,000 rounds of ammunition. Actions of radical and extremist groups threaten peace of millions of Ukrainian citizens.

This forced the Security Service of Ukraine and the SSU Counter-terrorism Center to decide about initiating a antiterrorist operation in the country. The state introduces measures to enhance the security of public order and the state borderline.

“I ask all citizens of Ukraine to remain calm and act within the law,” said Alexander Yakymenko.

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