Masked men kill a journalist

Vesti newspaper today reported the death of its employee. On morning of February 19, a correspondent of Kiev newspaper "Vesti" Vyacheslav Veremiy died in the Ambulance Hospital. The night before, masked men attacked the taxi driving the journalist back home.

For several hours, doctors fought for the life of Veremiy who was beaten and wounded, but died on the operating table. Editors’ office of the Vesti newspaper called on the police to find witnesses and investigate the murder.

“On Tuesday, late in the evening, at the crossroads of Vladimirska Street and Bolshaya Zhytomyrska Street, opposite the “Chorny Porosya” restaurant, unidentified masked men with bats and firearms, in helmets and camouflage attacked Vyacheslav Veremiy and Alexei Lymarenko, IT professional of our company” writes the newspaper.

“The employees of the “Vesti” newspaper were returning from work by taxi. When the car stopped at the traffic light, several men ran out of the backstreet and began overturning the car and throwing firebombs onto it. Taxi driver, Vyacheslav and Alexei were taken out of the car and brutally beaten. The driver suffered serious leg injury. Alexei now has a disfigured face. They were given first aid,” writes the newspaper.

Vyacheslav received a gunshot wound to the chest. He died because of blood loss and nonsurvivable wounds. The murdered leaves behind a wife and young son.

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