Rebels seized armoury in Western Ukraine

People's Deputy Oleg Tsarev reports on his Facebook page that protesters seized Ivano-Frankovsk regional police department.

“Extremists seized the weapons room. They’ve got one hundred twenty Kalashnikovs, twenty machine-guns and about five million rounds of ammunition,” said Tsarev in his post.

According to media reports, police stations have been taken over in Ternopol and Lvov. In Ternopol protesters also seized the Prosecutor’s Office, in Ivano-Frankovsk - Ukraine’s Security Service. Everywhere, the protesters burn the documents. On the roof of some buildings there are red and black UPA flags.

In Lvov, Maidan supporters captured and burned some facilities of the interior troops, also sealed an arsenal of weapons. There is a risk that the fire will spread to the arsenal.

On the territory of the military unit there are about 10,000 people. While some protesters trying to extinguish the flames, others continue to throw firebombs, according to web site.

Meanwhile, on Zhitomir highway near Kiev, a fight sparkled between protesters who want to get to Maidan, and the traffic police. Single shots and bursts of automatic fire are heard. More Interior Ministry forces are shifted to the conflict zone.

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