Embassy of Canada in Kiev was attacked

The attackers, armed with cudgels and revolvers, stormed the building of the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine.


According to the Deputy of the Main investigation Department of MIA of Ukraine Oleg Tatarov, police during the liberation of the streets "of the government quarter" seized firearms: 2 revolvers, one of them with a silencer, and 2 shotgun hunting rifles.


Offenders broke several offices in the center of Kiev, damaged ambulance.

In addition, unidentified people seized 2 vehicles, the truck, which was then directed to people. There are victims. In the end, the two central streets of Kiev were blocked.


In particular, it is known with the help of an explosive device, attackers tried to storm the Pechersk control of the Metropolitan police. Were opened 2 criminal proceedings against H. 2 tbsp. 294 (Mass disorders) and senior 348 (attempt on the life of a law enforcement officer) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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