Bangkok authorities dispersed local Maidan

In Bangkok, authorities dispersed the demonstrators, who approached the prime minister's residence a street too near. Three people were killed during the dispersal, including two policemen, some 59 people are wounded.

The representative of the protesters, a former member of parliament Ekanat Prompan, said the protesters were “peaceful and unarmed”. He accused the government of using weapons against them, according to Ukrinform news agency.

However, foreign journalists reported they saw at least one protester armed with machine gun. Authorities also claim that a grenade was thrown at the police.

Immediately after the shooting began, the protesters forced the photographers out of the crowd and stopped communicating with them.

As reported, in early February the opposition began protest action aimed at blocking Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra from carrying out her duties. Head of the government was forced to work in the Ministry of Defense. Last Friday, police cleared the barricades around the streets of the government complex. Later, however, the protesters erected barricades again.

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