Gennady Kernes: Kharkov surgeons start making unique heart surgeries

The 8th Kharkov Clinic opened a unique Diagnosis and Treatment Center for heart diseases. The Center was created in partnership with the Kiev Institute of Heart and the European office of Shimadzu Corporation, for emergency assistance in myocardial and cerebral stroke care, as well as for a whole range of tests and treatments of other pathologies. The “BRANSIST alexa” system has been specially designed for the Kharkov clinic and, according to cardiologists, significantly improves survival chances for heart attack patients.

“This Center is a chance to live and recover for dozens of Kharkov residents. And I am grateful to everyone who has supported this idea and participated in its implementation,” said Gennady Kernes during the opening ceremony. “Considering the social importance, we signed an agreement with the Center, stating that every year about 50 Kharkov residents will be getting here diagnosis and treatment free of charge. And, if necessary, they will be treated on concessional terms in the Heart Institute in Kiev,” added the official.

“BRANSIST alexa” specs best suited for interventional radiological tests and operations on vessels in different areas of the human body: the brain vessels, heart, peripheral arteries of the lower limbs. Equipment of this class is used in 40% of EU angiographic labs; in Ukraine, there is no analogues. The staff of the 8th Kharkov Clinic already has a team of doctors trained for work with the angiograph.

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