Chernigov EuroMaidan members killed people

A group of Chernigov teenagers spent their time killing people, bashing their heads with iron rods. This led to fatal injuries of two people and maiming of two more. The attacks began in early February. On February 17, police detained three teenagers on suspicion of a crime.

Law enforcers established their involvement in at least six crimes - two brutal murders and four armed assaults, including on the journalist Alexander Yasenchuk. According to the website of the Chernihiv region Department of the Interior Ministry, Alexander Mikhailik, head of Chernigov police, said on the press conference that the teenagers are active members of EuroMaidan in Kiev and Chernigov.

According to him, the operatives of the criminal investigation unit arrested a group of young people who committed two murders and several other crimes in the city within several weeks’ period. In recent weeks, Chernigov was full of rumours about a maniac operating in the city. He was credited with the last two murders, committed in the evening.

Chernigov police chief said that Chernihov police arrested three juveniles who are reasonably suspected of committing two murders and four armed robberies, including on local journalist Alexander Yasenchuk. The fourth member of the group wasn’t detained as he is under age (born in 2001).

On detaining, the police seized the murder weapons and items belonging to the victims. As the teenagers explain, they committed the crimes in order to prove that the police is unable to protect public order.

Alexander Mikhailik said juveniles aged 12 to 17 years are suspects in the case. Last time they joined protest actions in Chernihiv on Sunday, just before the arrest.

Criminal investigators initiated criminal proceedings under several articles of the Criminal Code (murder, robbery and hooliganism). The juvenile suspects are currently testifying, so the list of their offenses, may yet grow.

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