Terrified Lvov governor on the cover of The New York Times

Photo of Oleg Salo, head of the Lvov Regional State Administration, published on the front page of the US newspaper The New York Times (international edition) on February 17. The newspaper also published an article about the situation in Lvov entitled “A Ukraine City Spins Beyond the Government's Reach”.

The article is illustrated by the photo of Oleg Salo, taken by Sergey Ponomarev. The article talks, in particular, about how Salo doing his work in the conditions of blocked premises and how he assesses the situation in the city.

“He's trying to maintain the struggles to maintain an increasingly threadbare illusion that his boss, Ukraine’s embattled President Viktor F. Yanukovych, is still running this breakaway part of the country,” writes the author Andrew Higgins.

Salo explained to the US newspaper that the “rebel spirit” of the region has always forced him to fight external authority. “This fight goes on for 400 years. Our region has never recognized authority,” said head of Lvov Regional State Administration.

On February 17, Oleg Salo returned to work to the now unblocked RSA premises.

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