Rada is the same mess as the government district

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine experiences the same unrest as the streets of Kiev, where the clashed of the police and protesters are ongoing.

It all began with the opposition blocking the rostrum and the parliamentary session has never started. The reason was refusal of the office of Verkhovna Rada to register the decree on returning to the Constitution of 2004.

After the rostrum was blocked the deputies from the Party of Regions and the Communist Party of Ukraine tried to leave the hall, but the opposition decided to block the exit.

"The clashes have also started in the hall - the opposition deputies kicked around couple communists, who tried to flee the hall after the Party of Regions," wrote the people's deputy Alexander Briginets in Facebook.

The people's deputies from Svodoba Irina Sekh and Irina Farion were in the front line of the assailants: they even attacked the Party of Regions deputy Yury Samoilenko.


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