Ukrainian book won Bologna Ragazzi Award 2014

Ukrainian children's book «Stars and poppy seeds» became the winner of «Bologna Ragazzi Award 2014» and took the prize of «Opera Prima».

«For us, «Bologna Ragazzi Award» is extremely important. This prize goes to the best publications of the world, it is a symbol of the highest standard in the field of children's books and extremely highly regarded among professionals. Imagine, there were only 14 among thousands of books chosen by jury, and ours won! This is our first big victory. Hope not the last», the creators of the book said.


Note that Roman Romanchishin (the writer) and Andrey Lesiv (the illustrator) of the workshop «Agraphka» under the year worked above the «Stars and poppy seeds». The book is about a girl named Dora, who wanted to count all things around.


The annual contest of Bologna Ragazzi, held in Bologna, a city in Northern Italy, gains more and more popularity. Over 60 countries are participating in the Bologna exhibition of children's books. In 2013, the event celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.

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