Kharkov’s “Bommer” cinema shows film “Leningradka”

Kharkov cinema "Bommer" hosted a creative meeting with writers Inna Mel’nitskaya and Olga Okonevskaya, authors of the book about the life and work of Olga Bergholz “... And I’ll return again”. The cinema also showed the film “Leningradka”, as a part of “Kharkov Lilacn P.S.” International Film Festival.

The event was attended by Irina Sleta, head of the creative association "Circle", Natalia Cherkasova, a representative of the “Kharkov Lilac” selection committee, teacher at the Kharkov Academy of Culture (Faculty of Film and TV art), as well as students of the Young Journalist School at the Department of Mass Communications, Kharkov Regional State Administration, and schoolchildren of the city schools.

Addressing the audience, Natalia Cherkasova said that all present are united by love to the work of the great poetess Olga Bergholz.

“Being 13, talking about her mission, the poetess said that she sees her task in spiritual care for people. One may say, these words are the motto of our Festival. We are very pleased that the international film festival “Kharkov Lilac” continues its work, that the number of films coming to selection committee - increases, as well as the geography of the festival. And we are honoured to present today as part of our festival the finest film, ‘Leningradka’,” said Natalia Cherkasova.

During the creative meeting, Olga Okonevskaya, the author, noted that recently St. Petersburg marked the most important date in its history - the 70th anniversary of the full removal of the Nazi blockade.

“The besieged Leningrad had one of the most terrible ordeals in the world. Olga Bergholz contributed to the victory. Hard to find in the world literature a poet who could say that they entered the city history by casting their lot into joint suffering. As, the poetess wrote, “Above us rises bronze glory, holding wreath in charred hands”.

The lines were used to create the Motherland monument at Peskarevskoye cemetery,” said Olga Okonevskaya.

Inna Melnitskaya shared with the audience the history of the occupied Kharkov, stressing that it is no accident that Kharkov called the second Leningrad - the greatest number of deaths from starvation in the occupied territories was in Leningrad and Kharkov.

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