Daria Domracheva received the most biathlon medals in the Olympics' history

The Belorussian wins the mass-start and becomes the first triple champion of Sochi Olympics. No Russian athlete was able to achieve such a result, yet. Domracheva is also the first triple Olympic champion in women biathlon (individual starts).

The main intrigue of this was unfolding without the Ukrainian athletes. Ukrainians were accurate on the first two fire ranges, but lost too much time on the track. In the end, the best of Ukrainians Elena Pidgrushna was 8th, losing to the winner over a minute. Vita Semerenko finished 13th, her sister Valya - 17th, Yulia Jima - 23rd.

Unsuccessfully formed Mass-start was unsuccessful for Russian team, too. Silver medalist of Sochi sprint Olga Viluhina missed on the first shooting range. Russia's chances for medal disappeared after the fall of Olga Zaitseva, who lost about 40 seconds and dropped out of the group’s leaders.

The mass-start was won by Belorussian Darya Domracheva, who become the first ever three-time Olympic biathlon champion in individual starts. The legendary German Kati Wilhelm also boasts three gold medals, though unlike Domracheva, one of her medals was given for performance as a part of a relay team. Second place in the mass-start was awarded to Gabriela Soukalová, Czech Republic. The bronze went to Norway's Tiril Eckhoff.

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