Police found a missing teenager on Maidan

The 16-year-old resident of Sumy spent almost two weeks at the Kiev’s Square, while his mother and the police were looking for him, reports Sumy Regional Department of the Ministry of Interior.

In late January, a woman applied to the Sumy police asking for a help in finding her son, a student in one of the professional schools of the city, who disappeared from the home more than a day ago. According to the friends of the disappeared, the search should focus on the Kiev’s Maidan - indeed, this is where the police found the guy, strongly affected by cold.

He said that all this time he lived in the Trade Unions House, guarded the captured building and was on duty at the barricades.

“Both mother and the police convinced the guy that he should return to his hometown and start classes rather than remain in the whirl of activity,” reads the statement Sumy Regional Department of Interior Ministry.

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