European zoos mass kill the animals

Each zoo that is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria kills on average five animals per year. This statistic excludes zoos outside of EAZA.

Associated Press journalists tried to reach ten zoos and find out whether there are any violent death of animals. Two of the selected zoos refused to answer any questions on this matter. Four zoo openly informed that they kill from one to 30 animals each year. The other four said that animals are killed only if they are seriously ill.

Experts explain that only one percent of all killings is done for genome preservation sake. There are no exceptions, even for rare animals of endangered species.

Last week, in order to prevent inbreeding - mating between close relatives - Copenhagen zoo killed baby giraffe Marius.

Numerous European media and animal protection associations were against the killing. Over 27,000 people worldwide signed a petition to support Marius, but it did not save the giraffe. Despite numerous protests by animal rights activists and offers from other zoos to take the giraffe, the animal was killed. For educational purposes, Marius was shot and dismembered directly in front of the children, then giraffe meat was fed to the lions.

Three days later, media learned about another giraffe about to be killed in another Danish zoo. Several organizations and individuals offered to take the animal to prevent its death, including the owner of the only private Ukrainian zoo Oleg Zubkov, President of Chechnya Ramazan Kadyrov and brothers Zapashnye, circus artists.

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