Last night Kiev City Hall was about to be re-captured (VIDEO)

Last night a group of radical protesters refused to follow the decision of the opposition leaders on leaving the Kiev City Hall in exchange for the termination of criminal proceedings against the arrested activists. After midnight, more than a hundred of radicals in helmets and shields, with covered faces, occupied the lobby of the City Hall and smashed the offices on the third and sixth floors.

The crowd inside includes representatives of the Black Committee, the Social-National Assembly, such organizations as Patriot of Ukraine, OUN, Vikings, Narnia, KUPR. Officially, UNA-UNSO does not participate in the events. The leadership of the Right Sector also against capture of Kiev City State Administration. People's Deputies from Svoboda party and Vice-Speaker Ruslan Koshulinsky tried to negotiate with the protesters. Some of the Svoboda party members were armed with bats, while the People's Deputy Yuri Mikhalchishin was seen with a gun, according to the “Politnavigator” media outlet.

The former allies argued in a raised voice. Masked radicals accuse “Svoboda” party that they “defuse” the revolution, since the decision to transfer the Kiev City Hall to the authorities was made behind the scenes.

“At the time of capture, some City Hall employees still remained in the building, barricaded in their offices,” writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspaper.

Earlier, Social Nationalist Ilienko said that if the authorities fail to cancel all criminal cases against EuroMaidan protesters within a few hours, “we'll go back into the building”.

Meanwhile, filmed by the CCTV cameras video showing pogroms in the City Hall has already been leaked to the Internet. The timestamp indicates that the bashing took place after the official announcement of building being transferred by EuroMaidan activists to OSCE representatives.

The OSCE, who are formally liable for the order in the building and are the “facilitator” between the sides, does not react to the looting.

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