Sweden, Switzerland in semi-finals of women's hockey

Sweden, Switzerland in semi-finals of women's hockey

Russian and Finnish teams are out - further competition for Olympics medals will continue without them.

Women's hockey in Sochi is entering the final stage. Playoff games have started, after the matches of preliminary round. The main contenders for gold, US and Canada, entered the semi-finals in advance. The rest had to go through the sieve of quarterfinals. The very first match of the day gave a sensation - Sweden team rammed through the main contenders for the bronze. The Finnish team’s attacks helped to open the score, but “Tre Kronor” managed to turn the tide of the match in the third period. The game ended with a victory of Swedes, 4-2. For entering the final of the women's hockey tournament, Swedes will compete with the US team.

In the second quarterfinal, Russian team, playing on the home ground, of the sports palace “Shaiba”, was unable to cope with the Swiss women. Swiss team’s Stefanie Marty, scored a goal in the first period. Though the Olympics hosts tried to fight back, they missed a counterattack late on in the game, allowing Lara Stalder to set the final score of 2:0. Next the Swiss team will play in the semi-finals against Canada on February 17.

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