Swedish skiers win the Sochi relay race

The stellar Norway’s team “sailed over” the Olympic medals - Marit Bjørgen and her compatriots took 5th place. Ukrainian athletes - 12th.

Norwegian athletes were the main contenders for victory in this race. Finnish skiers tried to dictate the terms from the very start of the race, as Anna Kyllonen rushed forward. Her breakthrough was supported by 10 other teams. In the second part of the first stage, the competition was joined by German athlete Nicole Fossel, then Czech Eva Nyvltova, but the first to pass on the baton was Yulia Ivanova from Russia. Bronze medalist of Sochi skiathlon Heidi Weng from Norway was in the tail of the leading group and completed her stage 4th.

The peloton caught up with Russians at the end of the first lap of the next stage. And on the second lap Olga Kuzyukova moved too much back. At the next pass of the baton, there were only three leaders: Sweden, Finland and Germany. On the third 5 kilometers, Kerttu Niskanen from Finland gave her the 6 seconds lead ahead of Germans. At this stage, Swedes lost another 20 seconds. But this disastrous delay was fixed by Charlotte Kalla, who brought gold to Swedish team. Finnish team finished second, while German team got bronze. Currently this race is the main positive sensation in Sochi skiing society. The main surprise is that Norwegian team did not make it to the podium, getting the 5th place.

Ukrainian team dropped out of the competition in the first lap and finished 12th, losing almost 4 minutes to Olympic champions.

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