There’s a hit order on me - People's Deputy from the Party of Regions

Deputy of Uman City Council Maxim Polyakov ordered abduction and murder of People's Deputy from Party of Regions Anton Yatsenko claims the latter.

“Yesterday at about 12.00 I got a call from the Ministry of Interior asking to come over. I did and was informed that yesterday on the so-called Maidan at about 11.00 there was Uman City Council deputy Maxim Polyakov. There, he discussed a difficult question - the kidnapping and assassination, or, if kidnapping doesn’t go through, then just assassination, of the People's Deputy Anton Yatsenko,” said Yatsenko at a press conference, reports Interfax-Ukraina news agency.

“The motive - a hype surrounding criminal case on theft and forceful possession of Umanhleb factory shares,” says the deputy.

Yatsenko is sure that the would-be hit is linked to his official investigation in the criminal case. He noted that he appealed to the leadership of Batkivschyna party as Polyakov is a member there.

Yatsenko also informed investigation into this case is already under way.

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