All protesters released from custody - Prosecutor’s Office

All protesters released from custody - Prosecutor’s Office

For all the suspects, the preventive measure has been changed to non-detention, said Attorney General Victor Pshonka talking to the media earlier today.

According to him, February 17 is the deadline for publication of the official announcement of the Law of Ukraine “On elimination of negative impacts and prevention of prosecution and punishment of persons regarding the events that took place during the peaceful rallies”.

“February 17 is the deadline when I, as Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, should report on the implementation of provisions of the Law. The content of this official announcement today depends on the people who manage blocking buildings and transport communications,” said Pshonka.

He also noted that there is no one in the pre-trial detention who was arrested after the January events in Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine.

“Absolutely for all suspects, preventive measure has been changed to such that is not associated with detention. I want to draw your attention that this situation is the evidence of goodwill and desire to resolve the situation peacefully,” said the Prosecutor General.

The official added that the softening of the preventive measure is not the obligation, spelled out in the Law, but a right of the State Prosecutors.

“The investigation bodies, investigators, procedural managers did it for the sake of public safety,” said Pshonka.

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