Yanukovych told Korotych of prospects of Ukraine’s development

The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in an interview to a journalist and poet Vitaly Korotych told about the reasons that prevented the conclusion of the Agreement with the EU, and about the prospects of development of Ukrainian state. Broadcasting of interview took place today, February 14 on the TV channels.


The Head of state outlined the economic factors that would take Ukraine «into the corner».


«In Europe there is a subsidy, which is about 30%, on a variety of goods in different ways. In Ukraine this grant is much smaller, somewhere at the level of 1.5%. What will happen with Ukrainian goods? They will be uncompetitive,» said the President.


Under forecasts of experts, the Agreement would be prejudicial to the mechanical engineering industry and agricultural complex, because the majority of the products are exported to CIS countries. Moreover, according to Viktor Yanukovych, the military-industrial complex of Ukraine would also suffer losses.


The question Korotych asked over a «formula» for further economic and political and social development of Ukraine, Yanukovych responded: «There is a large number of components, which will lead us to success. And my «formula» always held that, firstly, you must be consistent. Secondly, you must be responsible. And thirdly - to involve like-minded people to this path. And always strive for success».

In addition, the President noted that wants to restore the stable development of Ukraine.

«I am equally hurt when people with different party orientation suffer. This should not be, and here we must do everything to get over radicalism. This is my goal. And all that now we do, we do for the sake of peace in the country,» said Viktor Yanukovych.

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