Demonstrators were dispersed with water-canons and tear-gas

In Turkey the protesters went into the streets of Ankara, demanding to release hundreds of army officers, found guilty of the attempt of the military coup d’état. Military men affirm in court that they just participated in the manoeuvres.

The Turkish TV channel NTV informed about the cruel dispersal of demonstrators.

"Freedom to patriots, end to criminal collusions," the demonstrators were screaming.

Earlier the Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Erdoğan stated that he allowed reconsidering the case about preparation of the conspiracy in 2003 against the ruling Islamic Party of Justice and Development, which is headed by Erdoğan.

Last week the bill, allowing reconsideration of the case, was submitted to the parliament.

Arrests of supporters of the coup d’état began in 2003. During the trial military men denied their guilt and claimed that their objective was military exercises.

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