Tsarev urged the authorities to stop negotiating with terrorists

Negotiations with Maidan look like an attempt to conversation between David and Goliath, thinks Oleg Tsarev, People's Deputy from the Party of Regions.

According to him, there must a line between, on the one hand, deceived people, the political opposition - and, on the other hand, thugs, radicals, terrorists.

“No self-respecting power in the world negotiates with terrorists! By negotiating with the bandits, we legitimize them. Negotiating with extremists, we are laying a mine under the foundations of the very status of Ukraine,” said the People’s Deputy.

Tsarev believes that impunity for crimes today creates an illusion of impunity in the future. And thus stimulates to violations in the future.

“I believe that the attempt to hijack a plane flying to Turkey, it is just the beginning. I’m sure, today's connivance towards the criminals will backfire on our country,” said Tsarev.

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