Pechersk district police department firebombed

At midnight, a group of people threw a “Molotov cocktail” into the building of Pechersk District Police on Bessarabska Square.

According to the metropolitan police press service, the accident resulted in the facade of the building catching fire. Employees who were on duty at the time immediately localized the fire.

Investigation team and the management of the said police department arrived at the scene. When examining the scene, law enforcers seized several pieces of beer bottle glass with the smell of gasoline.

Talking to the possible witnesses of the incident, police found that about 23:45 a few people approached the building and threw the bottle into the wall. The bottle shattered and the wall caught fire.

Criminal proceedings have been started under Part 1 of Article 194 of the Criminal Code (deliberate destruction or damage to property), the punishment - from 3 to 10 years imprisonment.

Currently investigators are trying to establish the persons involved in the crime.

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