Ternopol trader in human organs sentenced to three years in jail

For trafficking in human organs, the court sentenced a 30-year resident of Chertkovsky district, Ternopol region, to three years' imprisonment with confiscation of property.

The man organized delivery channel for donor organs to Sri Lanka, informed PR Department of Interior Ministry in the Ternopol region.

Initially, the defendant sold his own kidney for $10,000. “Following this, he was offered a partnership to find others who wish to “share” the organs. For each client, the mediator received $2,000,” reads the law enforcers’ statement.

The man searched for the donors, controlled their going through all necessary medical examinations, and brought people to the Colombo city airport in Sri Lanka.

“The supply channel of donor organs was operating at full capacity. Those who agreed and sold their kidney include the lover of the ‘businessman’ and two residents of Odessa region. Next in line were two siblings from Chertkovsky district, who had to bring their ‘investment’ to the dealer. But the deal fell through - law enforcement officers intervened in the process. Criminal business was rolled up,” informs the statement.

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