The Ukrainian army intensifies security of warehouses with weapons

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Pavel Lebedev stated that the subordinate to him department intensified security of warehouses with weapons and ammunition. Lebedev said in the interview, published on the web site of the Ministry of Defense, that it was done due to the political crisis in the country.

At this time, currently sub-units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (VSU) are located in their stationing and are functioning normally. In particular, scheduled studies and combat training of personnel are held in full volume.

"In accordance with article 17, 37 of the Constitution of Ukraine, participation of sub-units of the Armed Forces in the internal political struggle is completely ruled out. But critical situation in the country did not leave soldiers and officers of the Ministry of Defense indifferent.  As citizens of Ukraine, they also expressed their civil position. In particular, general meetings of personnel of Armed Forces of Ukraine were held, during which 87% of soldiers supported the actions of the President regarding settling the existing conflict in a peaceful way and  preventing escalation of civil confrontation," Lebedev noted in the interview.

Herewith, Lebedev made a special emphasis on the fact that, according to the law About the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the army may be involved in settlement of the situation only in case of introduction of emergency situation in Ukraine.

"In accordance with the Constitution, emergency situation is introduced by a decree of the President and shall be subject to further approval by Verkhovna Rada. Currently, there is no such decree and the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to steadily fulfill their responsibilities regarding defense of the country, protection of its sovereignty and territorial integrity in times of peaceful time," Lebedev stressed.

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