Svoboda offers to punish appeals for federalization with 15 years of imprisonment

People's deputies from Svoboda offer the parliament to introduce criminal liability for public calls for changing the state system.

The bill No. 4131 was registered in the parliament. The authors of this bill are members of the party Svoboda Mikhail Golovko, Andrey Mishchenko, Oleg Sirotyk, Yuriy Sirotyk and Igor Sabiy.

The document suggests that actions, committed with the purpose of forceful change or overthrow of the constitutional order, seizure of state power or change of the form of the state system, as well as conspiracy to commit such actions, should be punished by 10 -15 years of imprisonment. The Correspondent informs that calls for such actions are proposed to punish by 5 -10 years of imprisonment.

The bill also suggests introducing liability for intentional actions, committed with a purpose to change boundaries of the territory or the state border of Ukraine violating the order, established by the Constitution. It is also suggested to punish the actions aimed at the complete or partial separation of part of the territory of Ukraine under the jurisdiction of another State, or by creating another state on the territory of Ukraine. Such actions are proposed to punish by imprisonment from 3 to 15 years.

The explanatory note to the document informs that its development is connected with the fact that recently "actions of some representatives of offices of local level, aimed at the appeals to separate individual territories of Ukraine from Ukraine and to join individual territories of Ukraine to the territories of other states, became intensified."

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