Only three families are searching for their missing relatives-participants of Euromaidan with the help of the police

According to the lists, published on the site of Euromaidan SOS on February 12, there are 66 people, who allegedly went to Euromaidan and did not return home. However, according to the department of public relations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), only three applications about missing participants of Euromaidan from this list are registered in the police.

"It was stated that information indicated in the Internet is not true to life. The authors of the list included unverified information, received from the phone messages of citizens, who lost connection with their relatives, and groundlessly believe that they may be on Maidan," the message of MVD stated, "Currently the police received applications about disappearance of only three persons, mentioned in the lists; however, applicants did not attribute disappearance of their close ones and relatives with Euromaidan.

However, the police of Kiev is still checking information about missing persons, posted on the web site Euromaidan SOS. The majority of alleged missing persons (43 people) were found by relatives: in some cases people lost their cell phones and could not make a call, and in other cases the cell phone battery was low. In addition, it was stated that some of the persons from the missing lists are really wanted by the police for committing different offenses. Some of them are in custody of commitment of a crime.

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