Justyna Kowalczyk wins the ski race with a broken leg

She was diagnosed with a fracture of the foot after the first race in Sochi. The Polish athlete decided to continue the competition for the Olympic medals. Today she won in ladies' 10 kilometer classic.

Justyna Kowalczyk took the lead over the closest rival in more than 18 seconds. Even a serious injury, which she got before the Olympic Games, did not prevent the Polish skier.  Justyna was diagnosed incorrectly in Poland. And in Sochi the X-ray showed the fracture of the foot. Kowalczyk remained at the Olympic Games and took gold. The Swede Charlotte Kalla came to the finish the second. The Norwegian Therese Johaug received bronze.

Ukrainian skiers did not participate in the competition for the medals. Valentina Shevchenko came to the finish 24th, legging behind Kowalczyk almost two and a half minutes. Tatiana Antipenko was the 30th, Katerina Grigorenko - 48th and Marina Lisogor took the 57th place.

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