“Intercity+” trains on comprehensive technical inspection

High-speed trains “Intercity+” stopped running in Ukraine as they are under a comprehensive inspection, reports the press service of Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure.

A technical problems discovered in one of the trains forced Hyundai Rotem together with Ukrainian high-speed railway company to temporarily suspend the operation of all 10 trains, for the safety of passengers. The comprehensive technical inspection will be done by Korean experts as the trains are still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Transportation by “Intercity+” routes will be done by other carriers.

Passengers who have purchased tickets for high-speed trains and have to make the trip by standard train will be refunded the fare difference. If the passenger refuses to travel, money will be refunded in full. For this, the passengers should contact ticket offices at the rail stations.

Trains of Hyundai Rotem will return to routes after a thorough comprehensive examination.

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