Kharkov plant to export 50 battle tanks

State company Ukroboronservice signed a contract with a foreign client for overhaul and supply of 50 battle tanks T-64BV-1, reports Ukroboronprom press service. The work will be carried out on the state-owned “Kharkov Armored Plant” (HBRZ), a part of the Ukroboronprom.

So far, T-64 has never been supplied to overseas clients, notes Vadim Fedosov, director of the armored, automobile, engineering and special equipment of Ukroboronprom, director of the state-owned “Malyshev’s Plant” (Kharkov). Its firepower, defense and trafficability is better than in T-72 tanks, while after modernization in version T-64BM “Bulat” the machine becomes better than the Russian T-90 tank.

According to Fedosov, the new contract will boost HBRZ output by 100 million UAH compared to the last year. The number of personnel will also grow, by 20%. The average salary is estimated at 4,350 UAH. The contract will pay to the budgets UAH 5.1 million; estimated profit of the plant is UAH 4.5 million.

T-64 is a milestone battle tank, its concept was developed in the early 60s in design bureau of Kharkov Transport Engineering Plant (now - state-owned “Kharkov Engineering Design Bureau”). The tank’s production was set up on Kharkov Transport Engineering Plant (state-owned “Malyshev’s Plant”). Now, modified T-64 form the basis of the ground troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In Ukraine there are over 1,500 of T-64. In 2007, about a thousand of T-64 tanks should have been utilized, but the process has been suspended. Kharkov Armored Plant presented several upgrade options, in particular, offering to install a 5TDF tank engine upgraded to 850 hp. The plant’s engineers have also developed a 10 kW self-contained power generator, to be placed within armored space instead of the heater unit. Engineers also proposed to use the T-64 chassis completely adopted for the turrets of obsolete tanks T-55 and T-62, as well as usage of T-64 turret as a stationary remotely controlled firing module, the T-64 chassis - for the production of front-wheel-drive vehicles of increased security and creation of the single chassis base for vehicles used in engineering troops of the Ministry of Defense. On the basis of T-64, HBRZ specialists also developed a tractor-trailer fire truck.

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