Photo exhibition of the Associated Press correspondent opens up

On February 12, the AVEC gallery opened an exhibition of world-renowned photographer Yefrem Lukatskiy. The “Moments of Time” (the name given by the author to exhibition) includes works that previously appeared on the front pages of such prestigious publications as “Time”, “Newsweek”, “The Herald Tribune”. The presented pictures have no common theme, they show very different people: the military in “hot spots”, miners, artists and even the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma playing the guitar.

During the opening, Yefrem Lukatskiy shared his experiences of being a photojournalist during military action, recalled how a welcome humanitarian assistance followed the publication of his works, and told of his memories of how he happened to witness the police seizing crime bosses.

The exhibition “Moments of Time” is opened till February 28. Admission is free. The gallery will work without breaks and weekends.

Note Yefrem Lukatskiy is known for his photo-reports from global “hot spots”, including Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza Strip. Many of his shots capture historical moments for different nations. For example, in August 1991, he photographed Ukrainian flag entering the Ukraine’s parliament building. Criminal world, drug addiction, life of the lower classes are also shown “through the lens” of Yefrem Lukatskiy. His work appears regularly on the pages of “Time”, “Newsweek”, “The Herald Tribune”. He became a correspondent of “Associated Press” back in 1990s.

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