Families of Kharkov climbers killed in Pakistan will get help

Draft order of the government of Ukraine “On allocation of funds to assist the families of persons killed in the terrorist attack on the territory of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan” has been fully coordinated by Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry. Now the authorities are deciding on the amount and timing of payment to the relatives.

This is confirmed by Stanislav Batrin, director of Lions Litigate law firm. The corresponding statement of the lawyer is quoted by the Kharkov Climbing Club. President of Kharkov Mountaineering and Climbing Federation Gennady Kopeika, in turn, said, “At the end of 2013 we had the disappointment that the money will not be paid, since it has not been provided for in the reserve fund of 2013 Ukrainian budget. In 2014, we planned to file a second appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers. But, despite of all the complexity of the political situation, the process has not stopped. We hope that the payment will be made in the near future. The families of our friends are left without breadwinners, we try to help them, but they desperately need financial aid.”

At the same time, the Pakistani government is not going to pay compensation. There is still no relevant decision, although back in November 2013 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan promised to consider such an option.

Meanwhile, due to lack of funds Kharkov climbers are forced to suspend training for the expedition to Himalayan eight-thousander Dhaulagiri (8,167m, Nepal), scheduled for April-May this year. The expedition was to be dedicated to the memory of those died on June 23 2013 in the Nanga Parbat camp (Pakistan). Then the terrorists shot 10 people, including three Kharkov residents.

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