Kharkov scientists develop a unit for Poland’s Space Telescope

The work of Kharkov scientists “Development and introduction of spectrometer telescopes for monitoring charged radiation of high-energy in Earth orbits” has been put forward by Ukraine’s State Space Agency for the award of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the development and implementation of innovative technologies. The information is shared by Kharkov Karamzin’s National University (KNU) - its labs have earlier developed the STEP-F satellite telescope for electrons and protons, launched into orbit in 2009. The telescope helped in obtaining world-class scientific data.

STEP-F telescope has completed its life-cycle and university scientists are creating a new device - a compact space telescope spectrometer for energy-charged particles SIDRA, noted Alexei Dudnik, Head of the Space Research Section at the Department of Nuclear and Medical Physics, KNU Physics and Technology Faculty. Spectrometer is scheduled for installation at the Interheliozond satellite.

According to Dudnik, the device will weigh less than 2 kg. It will operate as a part of Polish X-ray spectrophotometer ChemiX, currently developed by the Department of Solar Physics in Wroclaw. SIDRA will collect data on the flow of charged high-energy particles in interplanetary space along the satellite’s path to the Sun. Also, the unit will alert the sensors of Polish spectrophotometer about dangerous levels of charged radiation.

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