The Crimean speaker: the crisis is caused by excessive centralization of power (Video)

According to the opinion of the speaker of the Crimean parliament Vladimir Konstantinov, excessive centralization of power became the reason of the political crisis in Ukraine.  He expressed his point of view at the session of the all-Ukrainian forum of regional councils of Ukraine, which was held in Livadia.

"I believe that the crisis in the country to a large extent was created by excessive centralization and concentration of power. Such power, close to absolute, becomes a very dainty morsel for those, who are fighting for it, and creates the illusion that having seized the command posts in the center, they will get the entire country at their disposal," the speaker of the Crimean parliament noted.

"The Crimea residents consider that what is happening (in the state - remark of the editor) is an attempted of coup d’état and overthrow of the constitutional order. In the course of these events we could see how weak the positions of the central government turned out to be. I would say that they are unexpectedly weak. ... And this is happening with the crude interference of the West. Of course, if there were no mistakes of the government, it would be impossible to blow the fire of protests. At the same time, but for the foreign intervention the crisis would not become so deep," he added.

According to Konstantinov, under the circumstances of the existing crisis the new early presidential elections, which the opposition imposes in terms of an ultimatum, will not be a solution.

"Today we are convinced that early elections and, moreover, making new concessions to the opposition, will not be the way out of the crisis. This is the way to nowhere. After one series of concessions the opposition will demand new ones and it will continue till the total surrender of the whole government of the country. What elections can be held, when masked people with bludgeons and Molotov cocktails are in the streets of the Ukrainian cities? When administrative buildings are captured and simultaneous bodies are created, claiming their right for governmental authority? In such circumstances neither early, nor regular elections could be held. Their results will have nothing in common with the free expression of will," Konstantinov said.

He made a special emphasis on the fact that in due time, in spite of the fact that they did not like the regime of Yushchenko, the Crimea residents  waited patiently till his term would come to an end, and did not organize anything like today's chaos.

"We made an evaluation of the period of the "orange" during the presidential elections in 2010 in a civilized way. Why do our political opponents feel entitled to do otherwise?" the head of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea noted.

Herewith, Konstantinov stressed that if early elections will take place "we will not recognize their results!"

Only decentralization of power - giving a considerable part of governmental functions to the regions - may change the situation for the better. And the Crimean autonomy may become an example of it for the whole Ukraine. For this purpose its restricted during the recent years rights need to be expanded, and to give the Crimean residents tax levies for their consideration again, budgetary and legislative initiatives and personnel independence.

"I can make a responsible statement that the current model of the Crimean autonomy, laid in the Constitution of Ukraine and in our Constitution of 1998, is completely exhausted," the speaker of the parliament of the Crimea declared. "We are one of the autonomies of the world that have no rights with powers which in many ways are of decorative character. We want to have a completely different autonomy. Crimea residents did not vote for what we have today at the referendum in 1991! We should return to a number of parameters of the first half of the nineties.

"In one word, it is the regions that have the key for the solution of all brewing and over brewing problems of the Ukrainian state and society," Konstantinov is sure. "Colleagues please note that speaking about development of prospects for the Crimean autonomy, we are speaking about the problems and prospects, affecting practically every Ukrainian region, about need for new, strong and consistent regional policy for the whole Ukraine."

The head of the parliament of the Crimea proposed to establish a permanent Regional Forum of Ukraine, where problems of the regions will be discussed and jointly resolved.

"Now the crisis of governmental vertical is being much discussed. Let us join Ukraine horizontally," he said and added at the press briefing for journalists: "We will meet once a month and express our position. It may not be heard, it may not be accepted, but at least we will begin to talk about it."

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