Poles discovered the gas field on the border with Ukraine

 Poles discovered the gas field on the border with Ukraine

New natural gas deposit of several billion cubic meters was found close to the border with Ukrainian city of Przemysl. Due to increase of domestic production, Poland plans to reduce energy dependence on Russia. It’s known that for the gas produced within Poland borders, poles pay 100 - $ 120 per thousand cubic meters. Significantly more expensive is imported Russian gas - $ 400 per thousand cubic meters. Gas production is taken by Polish company PGNiG.


"PGNiG plans that the gas operation within the first borehole will begin in the second half of 2015. The company expects that during the first year of operation the borehole productivity will be about 100 thousand cubic meters per day," press service informs.


It is worth noting that PGNiG is both a monopoly importer and exporter of gas in Poland, and also is engaged in extraction and sale of gas and oil. Over the past few years, the company increased its net profit 17 times. On the final closing of the Warsaw stock exchange, the capitalization of the company amounted 9,3 billion dollars.

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