Maidan Self-Defense issues first Decree

Head of Maidan Self-Defense, People's Deputy Andrei Parubiy signed the first Decree of Maidan Self-Defense.

According to TV news channel "24", the document says that Maidan Self-Defense is the Ukrainian supra-party social movement with the following objectives: to maintain the sovereignty and unity of Ukraine; to defend Ukraine's European choice; to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens; to resist the current criminal regime till its complete elimination.

The main functions of Self-Defense, according to the paper, are countering the imperial influence of the Kremlin, and the fight against corruption and tyranny of bureaucrats.

“The Maidan Self-Defense is a voluntary public organization that operates on the basis of self-organization, civic solidarity and coordination of various structures. Maidan Self-Defense coordinates its activities exclusively with the Staff of the National Resistance at the central level,” says the document.

All self-assembled structures of Maidan Self-Defense created on the ground are given one month to get in touch with the executive committee of the Central Staff.

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