Kharkov was one of the first Ukrainian cities freeing families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan from utility bills

Kharkov was one of the first cities in Ukraine where the authorities decided in the mid-90s to exempt the families of those killed in Afghanistan from utility payments, said chairman of Kharkov Regional Union of Afghan Veterans Vladimir Ryzhkov.

“Today, all members of the families of these soldiers, as well as those killed in military operations elsewhere, are completely exempt from utility bills in Kharkov. According to the law, 50% of the bills compensated by the state, the other 50% - by the city authorities. Similar work is being done in Kharkov region, as part of the Presidential Objectives program to ensure social protection of combatants in other states, war invalids, families of the killed and dead combatants of Afghanistan operations. Some District Councils have already introduced this question to the sessions. Currently, there are 72 such families left in the region,” said Vladimir Ryzhkov.

He noted that for the third consecutive year in the regional budget provides UAH 1,000 financial compensation for the bereaved families.

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