Court drops charges against former head of Kiev City Administration and the former head of Metropolitan Police

Criminal proceedings against the former head of Kiev City Administration Alexander Popov, former deputy secretary of the National Security Council Vladimir Sivkovych and former head of the Metropolitan Police have been closed due to the amnesty law, informs the statement of metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office.

“Investigation in respect of Popov, Sivkovych, Koryakov and others, subject to the Law of Ukraine “On elimination of negative impacts and prevention of prosecution and punishment of persons regarding the events that took place during the peaceful rallies” was indeed closed after a court decision,” said the head of the press service of the metropolitan Prosecutor Office Yana Sobolevskaya.

“Hence the Pechersky and Shevchenkovsky district courts of the capital complied with the requests of the Law on exemption from criminal liability of suspects accused and convicted for the events that took place in November and December last year,” she stated.

According to her, the law specifies a clear list of articles of the Criminal Code, cases on which must be closed.

“Therefore, pursuant to the Law, all investigation on these cases was closed. In cases where the investigation did not find suspects, so called factual cases, the closure decision was made by prosecutors. In investigations with established suspects, as in the case with suspects Popov, Sivkovych, Koryak and others, closure decision is taken by the courts,” explained Sobolevskaya.

“In their work, prosecutors are guided by applicable laws of Ukraine, and, consequently, in this case, prosecutors and the courts have fulfilled the requirements of the Law approved by the lawmakers,” said the speaker of the metropolitan Prosecutor's Office.

According to her, 35 factual criminal cases were closed in Kiev metropolitan area, up to 21 people are enjoying the applicable rules of this law.

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