In Kiev social activists brought “F*CK” under the US Embassy

On February 12, activists of public movement “FUCK THE EU” who selected as their patron Victoria Nuland, held a protest against EU intervention in the internal affairs of Ukraine under the US Embassy.

According to our correspondent, a few dozen protesters brought with them a sign reading «Fuck the EU» and symbolic third-finger image.

Surrounded the stairs of the US Embassy, shouting, “Vicky!”

However, none of the American diplomats come out to the protesters.

Today, representatives of the “Fuck the EU” movement planned to organize a march from the US Embassy on the Sikorskogo street to the EU rep. office on 101 Vladimirskaya Street and give the diplomats a symbolic “FUCK”, in parallel announcing key requirements for the EU representation office and for the leaders of the Ukrainian opposition.

In particular, according to organizers, movement members demand Arseniy Yatsenyuk to lead the government, from Vitali Klitschko - to become an off-sider in favor of his political career. The movement member demand Svoboda leader Oleg Tyagnibok to refrain from creating problems for Victoria Nuland, honorary head of the public movement “FUCK THE EU”. From Poroshenko, activists demand to stop impersonate a candidate for prime minister post, until his name is mentioned by Victoria Nuland.

In early February, audio of conversation between Assistant Secretary of State Nuland and US Ambassador Jeffrey Payette was leaked onto the Internet. During the meeting, they discussed possible candidates from Ukrainian opposition to the government. During the same conversation, Nuland obscenely commended the

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