We must decide on society development path, so that people don’t kill each other in the squares - Kharkov governor

We must decide on society development path, so that people don’t kill each other in the squares, said Kharkov Regional governor Mikhail Dobkin, opening the round table “Socio-economic and political processes in the post-crisis Ukraine”.

“Today, much is said both in Ukraine and abroad about the situation in our country. There are different visions of conflict resolution that has spilled from Kiev onto other territories. I think that sooner or later this will end, regardless of the depth of compromise from the opposition or the authority side. In fact, this is not what’s important. Neither amnesty laws nor whether we’ll have a coalition government. More important are other things. Having come out of a very difficult situation in which our country is today, we will still live, the children will be born, the schools will be open, the factories will work,” he said.

According to Mikhail Dobkin, the goal of the round table is to determine how the current situation will affect social policies and how the economy will develop. The project involves scientists from Ukraine and Russia, journalists and political experts. The governor thanked the audience for finding the opportunity to come, and said he hopes that this expert community will help to define further development path for our country.

“We will try to model the situation, what will happen to our society, what shocks or positive things we can expect. I think, thoughts that will sound here today would help many of those who are interested in the life of the country and want to influence the processes, to form own behavior, to develop a set of specific actions and to compare their thoughts with the opinion of expert community. We will look at how to reformat relationships within our society so that we do not kill each other somewhere on the squares and understand what to do to avoid all negative instead of dividing people into friends and foes. We must rely on opinions of people who lead their calculations solely in terms of the economics. Without a stable operating economy, we’ll be unable to do anything positive,” said Mikhail Dobkin.

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