90% of Kharkov residents like living in their city

"The absolute majority of Kharkov residents (90%) are happy with living in their native city," these are the results of the study, conducted by the Sociological Group Rating. According to this index, Kharkov residents left behind the residents of Kiev, Lvov and Odessa. Less satisfied people turned out to be among inhabitants of Dnepropetrovsk (80 %) and Donetsk (78%).

62% of Kharkov dwellers believe it to be a green city with plenty of malls, in which a large number of youth lives. 45% of Kharkov residents note that the city has beautiful architecture, monuments, as well as numerous cafes and coffee shops. In addition, local residents call the first capital a quiet, neat and environmentally clean city, and assess the quality of education, roads, and medicine relatively high. As a result, 38% of the population calls Kharkov a city of big opportunities (38%) with low cost of living.

In the opinion 54% of its inhabitants, Kiev is a green city. Kiev residents admit that the capital has a lot of young people. They also note its rich history and numerous monuments, which, in its turn, makes it one of the most attractive cities of Ukraine for tourists (52%). 34% of the inhabitants of the capital consider that it gives the biggest opportunities to develop a child, as well as to work and to earn money (46%). At the same time, only 21% of Kiev dwellers believe that here people know how to work. This is the lowest rate in comparison with other major cities.

61% of inhabitants of Lvov call their city attractive for tourists and believe that they may boast with rich history, beautiful architecture, a large number of monuments, as well as numerous cafes and coffee shops. Lvov dwellers are confident that their city is religious and spiritual (42%), quiet, cozy, and safe for living. And opportunities to work and to earn money leave much to be desired, as only 12% of population of Lvov assesses them as satisfactory. As for opportunities for the development of children, only 7% are happy with the quality of education. Lvov residents would like to have more malls and that traveling the city would become more convenient.

In the opinion of most of the inhabitants of Dnepropetrovsk (67%), their city may boast with a large number of young people. According to the study, Dnepropetrovsk is the industrial city; however, it has many malls, cafes and coffee shops. It is called the most politically active city (33%), which plays an important role in the development of the whole Ukraine (50%). At the same time, its residents indicate the following disadvantages: Dnepropetrovsk is of little interest for tourists, restaurants are not very good here, roads are unsatisfactory, besides, it cannot be called environmentally clean, quiet and neat.

Donetsk is an industrial city with a large number of parks, public gardens and malls for its inhabitants. More than half of respondents noted an interesting sports life. This index is the highest in Ukraine. And local residents mention the cultural life of the city significantly less often (23%). Also comparatively few people mention the richness of history, beautiful architecture, monuments, spirituality and religiousness, as well as respect for traditions. Also the small percentage of local residents considers that quality of education (9%) and availability of big opportunities are characteristic features of Donetsk: development of a child (19%), as well as work and possibility to earn money (24%).

The majority of the inhabitants of Odessa consider that their city has rich history (73%), beautiful architecture and monuments. It is attractive for tourists, because here people follow the traditions(40%), here is the most interesting cultural life (37%), as well as the restaurants are good here. In addition, residents of Odessa consider inhabitants of their native city to be well-wishing and people who know how to relax. And quality of roads and medicine is mentioned only by 3%, low cost of living - only by 1%. Compared with other cities Odessa cannot be described as a politically active city (8%).

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