Americans may become subject to visa regime with countries of the EU

Americans may become subject to visa regime with countries of the EU

Brussels may introduce visas for American diplomats, if the United States of America will not abolish restrictions of traveling to the United States for Poles within six months. Currently Americans enter freely the territory of countries of the European Union.

In accordance with the new regulation, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Croatia have time until Monday to inform the European Commission that such a situation is discriminatory to these member states of the EU. If during 90 days the Government of the United States does not change its position, each of them may make an application to the Commission with a requirement to introduce restrictions for the citizens of the United States. As was explained to the publication Rzeczpospolita by sources in the Commission, it is referred to introduction of visa regime for individual categories of visitors from America, such as diplomats.

If restrictions on the part of the USA will remain in force, in two years the European Commission will introduce an annual visa for all Americans visiting the Union, if there are no objections from the Council of the EU or from the European parliament.

Toughening of rules is the merit of the Czech Republic. Prague suggested the project of new rules two years ago, when Canada again introduced visas for Czechs because of a large number of applications for asylum from Czech gypsies.

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