Romania introduces visa-free mode for Ukrainians

Romania introduces visa-free mode for Ukrainians

Now Ukrainians can visit Romania without a visa, though they still need permission to stay and a visa from the Schengen zone countries, said at a press conference Yevgeny Perebiynis, the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

The information of visa-free entry to Romania was circulated on February 1.

“The Government of Romania has decided to start from February 1 a visa-free entry for foreigners, including citizens of Ukraine, who are holders of Schengen visa or have a residence permit issued by the countries of the Schengen area,” said the press-service of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Prior to the establishment of a visa-free regime for Ukraine, European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fuele has repeatedly stated the possibility of waiving the EU Schengen visas, though only for journalists and students rather than for all citizens.

On February 12, European Commissioner Stefan Fuele is scheduled to have a meeting in Kiev that will include, among others, the visa issue.

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