Poles leave Poland

In 2013, half a million of Poles left Poland for other EU states. This is a record number for the last 6 years. Polish newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna dubbed the situation “the emigration tsunami”.

“Last year, another powerful wave of emigration started after the great exodus of our compatriots in 2006-2007. According to the estimates by Professor Christina Iglitska (demographer, economist and rector of the Lazarsky University), even half a million people could have left the country in 2013. And this despite the relatively stable economic situation in the country,” quotes Ukrainian news agency UNIAN the Polish newspaper.

The newspaper, with reference to the expert, explains this trend by assumption that Polish citizens who left the country earlier are now starting to draw together their families as they see more opportunities for a better life in other EU countries rather than in Poland. Departures have accelerated due to a surge of anti-emigrant sentiment in the rich EU countries.

The publication notes that 200,000 Poles emigrated to Germany and the same number - to the UK. Also popular are the Netherlands and Norway. “People choose hostility there rather than trouble here,” says the newspaper.

Anticipating the situation, in 2007 Poland has simplified entry to the country for “labor force” from the border areas. This innovation has been most used by citizens of Ukraine, who using the simplified system of employment received over 1 million job requests from 2007 to 2014. Poland is the second most popular country for our migrant workers after Russia.

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