Mustafa Nayem is ready to promulgate his "lists of topics"

The journalist threatens to reveal the names of those who ordered a leak of various editions of the Constitution by Udar and Batkivshchyna to the press.

Nayem reported about such intentions today at night on his web page in Facebook.

"Headquarters of Batkivshchyna and Udar launched a campaign, declaring that their variants of the Constitution appeared in the mass media by order of the Party of Regions and fully fit into the lists of topics of the Administration of the President," Mustafa Nayem writes.

"I never revealed and will not disclose my sources. I will only specify: both variants of the Constitution from both groups were given to me by people's deputies of Batkivshchyna and Udar. Moreover, both people's deputies, sending me documents, claimed that it was done in accordance with the direction of the parties," he continues.

"If this campaign continues, I will reveal the names of those, who, according to my sources, gave such instructions, and I will promulgate the names of the staff of headquarters, who sent the text of the Constitution to the representatives of the administration of the President," the journalist summarized.

People started to discuss the differences in the texts of the law by Udar and Batkivshchyna after they were published by Nayem in the periodical Ukrainska Pravda.

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