Citizenship of the Russian Federation will cost 10 million rubles

More than 1 million people will have the advantage of obtaining the citizenship.

According to with the reference to the newspaper The Kommersant, Federal Migration Service and the Ministry of Economy worked out a bill, offering to provide the Russian citizenship to foreigners, who contributed not less than 10 million rubles to the economy of Russia. According to the simplified scheme it is also proposed to grant citizenship to foreigners, who graduated from the Russian colleges and universities and have worked in Russia not less than three years.

Amendments to the law About citizenship of Russia were already discussed in the government and will soon be brought for consideration of the State Duma. Changes were developed in the framework of the concept of the state migration policy of the Russian Federation for 2012-2015.

Now according to the simplified procedure, citizenship may be obtained by foreigners, whose spouse is a citizen of the Russian Federation or was born at the territory of the former USSR and is a person without citizenship.

The innovation will help entrepreneurs, who received the profit in the stated amount during 2 years, or investors.

Russian citizenship according to the simplified procedure is proposed to be granted to foreign students, who received professional education in Russia since July 1, 2002 and by the time of application for citizenship have worked on the territory of the Russian Federation for three years.

The law does not provide preferences for members of the families of persons entitled to a benefit.

On February 19 the bill will be sent to the Public Chamber of State Duma of the Russian Federation.

According to Russian Federal Migration Service, 135.7 thousands of foreigners received Russian citizenship in 2013. In 2012 citizenship was received by 95.7 thousand people.

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