The appeal court verdicted the six Automaidan protesters to house arrest

Appeal court judged to restraint from imprisonment to house arrest Igor Mysiaka, Dmitry Saydakov, Igor Palekh, Denis Sergienko, Andrew Lisovenko and Viktor Davydjak. The press service of the Prosecutor of Kyiv region informs of that.


It worth mentioning that because of the involvement of participants of the action to commit a crime in the Prosecutor's office, the criminal proceedings had been initiated. The Prosecutor's office asked the court to uphold the measure of restraint with proof presented. But the court decided to change the punishment from imprisonment to house arrest.


Besides, it was known about investigation of two criminal proceedings against 18 participants of Automaidan. The Prosecutor of Kiev region Michael Vytjaz posted info on the official website.


The request to release all administrative buildings, streets, squares, boulevards, as well as transport routes of all settlements of Ukraine was released on protester’s amnesty.


«This requirement does not apply to those places where peaceful protests occur», the Prosecutor of the region Michael Vytjaz said.

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