Meeting of the opposition and Stefan Fule took place

At a meeting in Kiev representatives of the opposition met the European Commissioner Stefan Fule. Fule said that the EU still intends to provide Ukraine with political and economic support. To accept or not to accept assistance depends on the decision of President Viktor Yanukovych.


Arseniy Yatsenyuk after the meeting in an interview with journalists reminded that yesterday the Ministers of countries-members of the European Union have agreed to provide comprehensive support to Ukraine: «This support consists of the political and economic package». Policy package, Yatsenyuk said, presented on the agenda as the new Constitution, the new government and the new programme on economic development.


«We finished the discussion with our European partners about how we see the new Ukrainian Constitution, the new composition of the Cabinet and the new programme of action for the country and the new economic program,» he said.

Negotiations with the European Commissioner will continue tomorrow.

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