Training base will be built in Dnipridzerzhinsk for Eurobasket 2015

A training base will be built in Dnipridzerzhinsk in preparation for the European Basketball Championship scheduled to take place in Ukraine in 2015, reported the press service of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration.

Currently the facility is 30% ready. In particular, the foundation and its waterproofing have been completed. Also, the preparatory works are in progress on the layout of walls and roof of the building, internal water and sewage networks; the builders are getting ready the preparing aluminium panes for the facade.

Design specifications and estimates for engineering networks of the facility are completed, too. The work is underway on design specifications and estimates for the landscaping of territory surrounding the training base.

Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration notes that after the championship the facility will be used as a junior sports school.

In addition, in preparation for Eurobasket-2015 builders construct a new sports arena in Dnepropetrovsk and modernise the Meteor sports palace.

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