Three lads beaten up in the centre of the capital

In the center of Kiev, protesters have allegedly beaten three people, one of them - for trying to take pictures of the Maidan barricades. This was reported in the Central Directorate of the Interior Ministry in Kiev.

According to police, Shevchenkivske police district received a report from doctors at Kiev City Clinical Hospital, who reported on a 29-year-old patient with multiple head injuries. He was diagnosed with a closed head injury, facial injuries, and eyelid fractures. According to the victim, he received the injuries at the Independence Square from unknown people.

The same district police department received a similar message from the 24-year-old Kiev resident who said that when he was walking with a friend on Bessarabska Square where they were approached by masked men, “who for no reason, began to beat them up.”

“After this, the protesters left in an unknown direction, while the victims immediately called the police and reported the incident,” informs the Interior Ministry.

An hour later, the duty unit of the metropolitan police received a statement from 36-year-old resident of Vyshgorodskiy district of Kiev region. He reported that he came to the Maidan in the evening to take a few photos.

“Being near the Christmas tree installation, the man was approached by three unknown confrontational individuals who unexpectedly started to inflict blows on his head and torso. Then, having seized the man, took him to the Kiev City Administration premises, where the beating continued. Having inspected the pockets of the victim, the attackers took money, passport and a hat. Having pushed the man to the street, the so-called EuroMaidan guards finally requested him not to write a statement to law enforcement authorities,” informs the police.

The said facts are being processed.

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